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Re: The Combonator: Free Combination Analysis For Hold'em

Version 1.4 is right around the corner. Not 1 but 2 awesome/amazing new features for registered users: equity calculations and full undo/redo file history support. BOOM!

The equity calcs opens the door for many awesome new features: You can automatically get hero's equity vs any range or group selected (and once the calculation is complete, changes are shown instantly in the output as you make changes). Here's how it's looking:

In the future these capabilities will allow for a lot of new output/analysis tabs and it also allows for really interesting auto-selection features. Undo/redo support will be fully featured multi undo/redo and I hope to get in with a file history tab so you can overview all the changes you've made and jump back to a specific point in time.

Both these pretty much feature complete, I'm just polishing the edges and running tests.

Along with these big changes there's a bunch of smaller improvements and fixes, including some bugs with draws autoselection that was introduced in v1.3.

To cover some of the costs of all this extra development time there will be an increase in license cost; however i'm sure you'll agree these new features still make The Combonator an insta-snap buy! Everyone already with a license will get free upgrades to v1.4 and all future updates. So if you've yet to purchase a pro license, now is the time: get in on $25 price before things go up in a few days. GOGOGOGOGO.

Of course there will and always will be a fully functioning free combonator for all your cheapskates, so bug fixes and smaller improvements will be available in v1.4 free version.
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