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Re: Whats up with the Odds maker bannner?

8/15/2007 11:02 PM
Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) slow-paying clients including its non-US players. The sportsbook has been relisted in the SBR rating guide as a member of the Futurebet Group of sportsbooks and should be avoided. Oddsmaker is now relying on Futurebet's cashier and PlayerSupport services as well as its software. The group's payout complaints are on the rise as they are each year before the start of the betting season.

Player: i am ******* from morocco i send you this email to do a complaint i am a player in Account # ***** ) it is now 3 mounth i did the request for my third withdrawal request for an amount of 4000 euros and my request has not yet released please contact the bookmaker and ask it to send me my winnings , i am very tired to contact it without answer.

They can hang all new bells and whistles for people to deposit to, but the bottom line is FutureBet still handles the damn money. Which means 6 month + payout waits for any real amounts. Come on 2+2 don't fall for this shiat.

There customer service is still the same as FutureBet's wonderful support for cashout issues. Any chance we can get companies like Enron to start advertising on here too??
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