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Re: COTW - Execution In Poker

Originally Posted by Lx12 View Post
Nice post Split - execution is my biggest weakness too - I know where all the right buttons are, it's just finding a way to push them.

The best way to execute is to say I am going to bet/fold because...

Decide what you are doing and why you are doing it before the action occurs. This prevents spite calling. One downside of this is that it can produce tilt as we always remember b/f and so we think ppl are playing back at us.
thanks for the first part, and agreed on the second half (i will 3b AQ sometimes and keep saying out loud "I will not stack this off if he shoves, I will not stack this off if he shoves..." =)

Originally Posted by Night Crawler View Post
nice read,

Originally Posted by AnAnonymousCoward View Post

It's easy to get stuck in a rut, auto-pilot, whatever you want to call it, but yeah. I agree, I guess is what I'm saying. Thinking is good.

Nice poast, Split. Thanks for all of the work you put into these.
np. glad you enjoyed

Originally Posted by keylimepie View Post
Thank you for the fine COTW Split. I'm still working on strategy and now I see how execution has to be in play with strategy for it to all work for a winning game. After reading your COTW, I see that I need to work more on discipline, set rules to help me with this, and I think I'll try talking out loud while I play so that I can drive the dog crazy.

Originally Posted by SonOfBadger View Post
Good COTW, but im confused by one thing. If you never check your cashier during a session, how do you implement your 2.5bi stoploss per session?? I also find the image of your in-session self dialogue amusing
for me it is more of a feel thing. My brain usually keeps some sort of running tally about how much I am up or down (I wish it didn't, but it does). I can usually just feel when I am close to my SL...maybe it's experience, or maybe I am rainman...who knows? =P

Originally Posted by 1986TheNuts View Post
I was wondering the exact same thing. I think i might look at my PT3 to often during sessions but I hate it when after a session I think i'm stuck like 3BI and it are actually 5BI or reversed.
And do you really listen to 1 song everytime you play online? That would drive me nuts when it starts playing for the 3th time in a row lol.

But, very good COTW, tnx!
ADD/ADHD people tend to work very well listening to one song (without lyrics) on repeat for hours. It is enough stimulation to keep our brain pleased, but not enough to overload us. plus, the repetition is good for the brain.

glad you liked it =)
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