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Re: Public service announcement Kagome Kagome is ihatejuice

So my little goebels you got the high command of full tilt to let you change your name.
I don't blame ya. Damn good deal. And that pretty little nest ya feathered for yourself. Well, if your willing to barbecue the whole high command, I suppose that's worth certain considerations. Now I don't care about you gettin pensions, merit badges, ticker tape parades, and the opportunity to play people who don’t realize who you are who gives a damn, let's all go home.
But I do have one question my precious Jew hater?
When you go to your little place on Nantuckett Island, I image you gonna take off that handsome looking SS uniform of yours, ain't ya?

That's what I thought. Now that...I can't abide. How bout you my high limit regulars? can you abide it?

Bicycle Kick/Enon/Zziegler/SallyWoo/OTR15/Quat/Mike: “Not one damn bit, sir.”

I mean if I had my way, you'd wear that goddamn fulltilt name for the rest of your pecker suckin life. But I'm aware that's ain't practical. I mean at some point ya gotta hafta take it off.
So I’m glad this post has been created and we can carve our figurative artwork into your forehead so all know who you really are and I’m glad Bicyclekick gave you something you can’t take off.

I hope this carving sticks in your forehead for all to see for a long time. Interesting you like Japan so much. An axis man to the end my friend.

- SIThomer

Always wanted my 1k post on this site to be meaningful. I look at this and can only say practice makes perfect
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