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Re: Public service announcement Kagome Kagome is ihatejuice

Originally Posted by hasu View Post

1) email
2) my play
3) 2P2
4) PTR
5) see me waiting at every table up to 3k6k?

I mean seriously..

1) Most people use separate emails for poker that they don't constantly check. You really expect people to be responsible to check their email a couple times per day to prevent this?

2) I haven't played you very much nor have I studied your play. We also only played 100-200 hands. Even if I knew how you played, it's not too likely I would have known.

3) High stakes players should be expected to check random two plus two threads? Even on top of that it's not like it was posted in the high stakes limit holdem.

4) You're expecting me to table ratings everyone I play? It surely seems that people dont care about ptr, and I don't care if people do, but to seriously expect me to investigate your ptr that doesn't even say anything about you. I guess xerok now wrote now that it's you, but it's from 3 hours ago, after we played.

5) Again, do you really expect me to search every person I play to see what tables they are on, and then deduce who they are based on that?

You have got to be kidding me.
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