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Re: The Combonator: Free Combination Analysis For Hold'em

Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
I actually made an elementary version of this last year (in javascript) because I didn't know about the Stox one, so it's cool to see a good range analyzer get made.

I remember there was an online tool somewhere that broke equity down into a histogram based on boards (so, for example, not just saying 88 vs AK has 52% equity, but showing a histogram of the equity on the next street, so 1/3 of the time 88s get 8% equity, 1/8 they get 95%, other times 70%)

It would be cool if the Combonator did a similar thing, obviously low priority though.
It's something I will definately look at when equity calcs are added in.

Fwiw both slice and equilab (equity calculators like pokerstove) have this feature.

Originally Posted by Ratamahatta View Post
I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed with "values" tab. I would love to see more made hand classifications like owerpair, TP, second pair... two overcards, A high and so on. This way it's easier to see how often villain will fold to a CB given a range and flop for example. I know I can figure it out by defining a group of hands with which he will call or fold with, but I think looking at cumulative % is easier.

I like the software so far
Agree 100% about the values tab. This will get some attention soon. Glad you otherwise like the software.
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