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Re: High Stakes Poker will not invite Full Tilts Pros to upcomming season!

I talked to Howard Lederer and Mori.

The title of this thread is incorrect and there is also no issue about superimposed logos on players as the OP said. However, Full Tilt has two major concerns. First is they don't like their players playing when PokerStars is the sponsor of the show. (I assume Full Tilt can buy ad time but I didn't check this out with GSN or PokerStars.) Secondly, they were unhappy that PokerStars bought the HSP archives. In the early seasons of HSP, the players didn't wear logos, so FTP is concerned that viewers will be able to go to and see the FTP players without logos and be confused by their affiliation.

I was told that PokerStars will not have their name on the table felt, which I could see would have been an issue for FTP. At this time, the Nevada Gaming Commission is carefully limiting the presence of online sites in shows filmed there.

Neither Howard nor Mori were placing blame on anyone. The sentiment was that PokerStars, FTP, and GSN all make business decisions. As a poker player, I don't like restrictions and I wish everyone could play. Most of us would like to see the three top FTP cash game players on the show along with some of the other characters we have had in previous seasons. If they don't play, they'll be replaced by some new young stars of the game, some affiliated and some not.
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