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Re: High Stakes Poker will not invite Full Tilts Pros to upcomming season!

1. I talked to Mori yesterday and he told me Full Tilt players are invited to play and he was disappointed that Full tilt is not letting them because pokerstars is sponsoring the show. Mori never takes sides with any site. He just wants to produce the best show.

2. I'm not sure if Full tilt has any issue with graphics control and I just texted Mori to find out if there were any particular issues besides the sponsorship. (Mori hasn't responded because he doesn't keep poker player hours anymore.) I don't believe that pokerstars would stoop to putting their logos on full tilt pros.

In summary, OP has his facts wrong but I will try to get more details tomorrow night if I remember after day 2 bellagio.

P.S. Sometimes these things change at the last minute. There were issues last season also where we didn't know who was going to play. We all know it's better TV if everyone is invited and allowed to play.

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