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Re: The Combonator: Free Combination Analysis For Hold'em

Originally Posted by Hood View Post
how exactly would you envisage the combonator with PLO support?
This will probably be very hard, but his is what is ideal:

Instead of AA**, you could type in AA** and then every possible of AAxx would be displayed. It's just very useful to be able to calculate a wide range of combos fast.


My pair vs his AAxx: with 3 clean pair outs, 2 clean outs, 1 clean out, back door FD, etc.... This is currently impossible without spending a ton of time. So, 789T on K932vs AA** (** = not 7,8, or T), AATx, AA8x, AA7x, AAT8, AA** w back door flush draw, AAKx, etc....)

Also, having a way to connect to your database to look for marked hands would be pretty awesome too.
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