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Re: The Combonator: Free Combination Analysis For Hold'em

Originally Posted by gaming_mouse View Post
Hey Hood,

If I buy the registered version, and then get a new laptop, do i have to buy it again?

No you don't have to buy it again, just contact me and i'll issue a new license code.

Originally Posted by corny View Post
Looks really really good. Never used Stoxcombo before. You mention in your video the export to PS or Slice...why don't you just integrate the equity in your tool? Would make it perfect.
Because it's not something 'just' easy to do, and it originally wasn't a direction I wanted to take. However after multiple requests and thinking about it further I can definately see some real advantage havign simple equity calculations (hand vs range only) in the program - that way you can select combos based on equity, for example.

It won't get in to v1.2 (which i hope to get out next week), but I'm going to try and get it in for v1.3.

Originally Posted by TomoDaK View Post
Thanks for another great tool buddy
Originally Posted by Sokol View Post
Really nice Hood, thanks again!
Thanks for all the kinds words!
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