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Re: COTW - Getting Diamonds From Charcoal

Originally Posted by mpethybridge View Post
When you see his donk bet and you are, in fact, holding air, you can say, "well, the lag is donking here because he has a weak made hand or air, but he thinks I have missed the flop and I can't call, and he is right. But if I raise, he has to fold, because his hand is too weak to call a bet and he will just assume that I am on that part of my range that didn't need to hit this flop." So you raise, and you are basically telling him, "bad read, sir, I have KK," and he believes you and mucks.

So you have both made (initial) good level one reads. But you win the hand because you make better decisions on what to do with the same good level one read.

That is generally where your edge comes from.

Well put , and when I'm 24 tabling these simple scenarios come up hundreds of times each day, I can just imagine all the leaks I must have
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