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Originally Posted by Tom Hall View Post
Squibz, maybe it happened before somewhere else but this was from late last year. Happy to have a friendly wager / charity donation bet and post the CS chat (in chinese with translation and player name blanked) if you think its an urban myth .

When I get some time at the weekend maybe I should post some stories from the gambling world in Asia as am pretty sure you won't have heard most of them, but maybe for another thread as not all are about poker and guess best to stay on topic.

Stella what's happening??
Hi Tom!

Just getting ready for bed. Since our regular players didn't quit todays game til 4pm today, as I last checked...there is no big game yet. Btw its 1am Macau time. Our world team china member Winfred, who's also our CEO of poker playing a small 1k-2k hkd game with Johnny Chan, Chau Giang and this one guy from China ....who I refer to as the "king of bluffing"....he's a newbie at the game...but very entertaining. without learning the basic fundamentals of poker ...his first game ...he asked me "can u teach me how to friend taught me to bet preflop, the flop, the turn and huge on the river and I'm guaranteed to win" ... That was his strategy for a while. Lolz...of course he got caught. He can lose a couple mill playing 500-1000k hkd...which is what he started out with. And moved from that to 10k-20k all within 1 month time. That's his whole poker playing lifespan so far... ONE MONTH. But he's still famous for bluffing Chau out of a huge pot with King high...when Chau had Ace high.... Chau's still talking about that hand everyday. And refers to him in chinese as "the king of bluff". He normally plays 5k-10k and 10k-20khkd...but I think most our players are resting up for a big game tommorrow. I'll keep u all updated in the morning if anything exciting happens tonight. If not... Stay tuned... 24 hrs from now...there should be a big game with phil + durr!

Just got news also that jeff lisandro and ted forrest are playing 300-600 PLO right now. So wil update that tom as well.

Good nights All

And Tom! Can't wait to see u this weekend. Btw... Tom does throw the baddest parties EVER!!!!!! Apt pool party was crazee! And Matt... I've never seen anyone win so much money at a dice game in a karaoke room where everyone else is getting drunk! Props to u
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