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Re: COTW - Getting Diamonds From Charcoal

Hey Split,

Awesome stuff, I'll definitely have to be more studious with note taking after reading all of this and praying my opponents won't do the same!

My question is when and to what extent do you synthesize this information? I'd imagine writing as many notes as you did on the sample hands can be kind of tricky when you're multitabling. Do you prefer to note-take mid-session and use those notes for future hands in that session, or do you prefer to finish up, boot up HEM and analyze every play by your opponents for flaws?

And also, it would seem there's a strong possibility about information overload. I'm not suggesting there's too much of a good thing against extremely tough players, but I would guess you get diminishing returns when you note that a fishy TAG will 3bet suited connectors between 56-98 but flat calls all the rest, as this situation comes up rarely and you'd be better focused on other things. Thoughts on this?
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