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Re: Best way to study past hand histories?

Originally Posted by OldRod_KS View Post
Something that lets me step through the hand and tells me what a recommended action would have been, versus what I did, etc.

Will SnG Wiz do that? Or is there something better?
I agree with quux that popopop should be your primary tool. I will do HH reviews with people using it via skype a lot. I send or receive the HH, load it in popopop and we step through it, talking about the interesting spots as they come up. For specific hands, I'll bust out poker stove, sng wiz, or if the hand warrants it. I tend not to use HUD stats much when doing HH reviews, because you should have a better read anyway during a HH review. I definitely like to look at every player's moves in a HH review, not just my own, though some people find this a little tedious. This helps you practice synthesizing information on reads. If it's a player you see often, don't forget to go update your notes on them/
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