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Re: The Combonator: Free Combination Analysis For Hold'em

Like I say in the OP, I'm a user of stoxcombo and started developing the combonator for my own use, as stoxcombo is no longer 'available' (although many of us still have the executable). I also found some "showstopper" bugs in stoxcombo (incorrect combo counting and some fatal crashes) that pushed me to develop an alternative (as stoxcombo is no longer developed).

As for main differences in I would suggest you try it or watch the screencast and you will soon notice a lot of fundamental differences. In addition to the bugs, I eventually found stoxcombo too cumbersome for day-to-day use. An autoselection might take me a couple of minutes to set up in stoxcombo I can do in the combonator in a second or two. A few of the major ones:

- A very different take on the interface. Much simpler/intuitive auto-selection and manual selection that's all done on one screen.
- Greatly improved range selection.
- There's no 'calculate' button button, changes are reflected instantly in the output window.
- The output is a lot more useful/detailed, saving the grid to file, automatic naming of selections, exact combination output.
- Exporting specific ranges to equity calculators.
- Reducing a range based on the selection to allow 'next street' analysis. So you can set a flop check-raise range based on flop textures, then reduce the range to what's selected to move on and analyse a turn.
- Flopzilla-style of selected ranges (this is one of the 2 pro-only features)

There is one downside with combonator - it doesn't quite have all the specific auto-selection features stoxcombo has (you can't do all the boolean logic etc). In practice I found that this is a non-issue. For me, in practice, Combonator is much more of a fluid process (add some combos, do an autoselection, see results, make some tweaks, see results change, do a remove autoselection etc). Stoxcombo was always too rigid (set up really complex range scenario, click calculate, realise you did something wrong, go back and start again...).
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