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Re: Whisky

Originally Posted by PokerRon247 View Post
El D, how do you serve the 70% whiskeys, both for tasting, and for drinking? (with water, neat etc..)
I do generally one of two things. I either add a splash of spring water (really just a little bit). This tends to soften/open up the nose a little but I actually prefer drinking it neat. A guy that I buy some of my whiskey from taught me his method which is to take a medium sized sip, hold it on your tongue for about 8 seconds, feel it burn, and slowly swallow without gulping. Do this before you smell the whiskey. By first coating your tongue/back of your throat with the whiskey it somehow goes down a lot smoother, and it becomes much more pleasurable to smell. I have no idea why or how this method works but it works for me.

On a side note, I bought a bottle of this the other day, and will be sure to post in here once I try it

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