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Re: StoxEV: EV calculations with decision trees

StoxEV for PLO.

Perhaps you could make the software not as comprehensive as the NLHE version and use something similar to ProPokerTools. For example have players define ranges using similar syntax to PPT and then allow them to save the ranges so once you have made a TAG UTG opening range you wont need to do it again, and instead of calculating EV you could perhaps calculate fold%/raise%/call%.

For example when looking to see when a cbet is good/bad I would input villain calls flop with TP+ folding all else, his PF range is 5%-35%, then I would select different flops and see villains raise/call/fold%.

Even this hugely trimmed down stoxEV would be really cool, and so in conclusion please make a StoxEv for PLO I would pay you lots of money as would many many plo regs.

I might start a petition :P
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