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Re: COTW: Planning And Default Line Creation

Originally Posted by macvolcan View Post
Great work with the video, looks great and definitely a lot to think about.

Couple questions/points:

1. under compartmentalizing you only list 5 player types, do you keep it so small just to keep it simple? Or do you not see value in further defining player types, ie a loose passive pre flop that is fit or fold post flop.

2. for flop textures you lump 1 broadway hands with 1 broadway hands that contain an A, while I agree your likely to take similar lines, aren't you a lot more likely to get raised as a bluff by regulars on a k72 board than an A72 board? Also a lot of loose passive fish play every A and so a flop with an A in it is much more likely to hit their range than one that doesn't.

3. Can't say I agree with the AKo examples in open folding, but they are definitely good hand examples to sit down and map out on a tree diagram and put some thought into as one could easily put themselves into some trouble in those spots.

Thanks again for putting in all the time and work to make this, definitely appreciated.
1. I just break it down to 5 basic player types because its as simple as you can break it down imo. When I am actually playing a hand I use all the info I have available (and treat a 13/9 differently than a 14/11 and such)...but when I have a little info (say 10/6 over 22 hands) it allows me to use my default lines against that player type

2. technically an Ahi board is better to attack than a Khi board (based on comobos), but I understand what youre saying. Yes, the board textures are super simplified, but its not that compartmentalized if you talk about an Ahi board, Khi board, Jhi board, 9hi board, etc, lol

3. fair enough

np. glad you appreciated it

Originally Posted by illini43 View Post
Finished it...took me 2.5 hours. I watched ten minutes, smoked, watching an episode of Angry Beavers with my roommate, played 3 games of FIFA, smoked, then completed watching it.

This is pretty...pretty...pretty good
lol. hopefully it was a good episode of Angry Beavers

Originally Posted by saitokthx View Post

what an amazing helpful video about planning.
+10 points

Originally Posted by Cangurino View Post
Great ideas, and great food for thought.

However if you allow some constructive criticism: I personally would find this particular contents much easier to digest in a text based format. I don't feel doing a video adds much value here, and I'm forced to follow Split's speed of thought rather than my own. This is aggravated by the fact that voice and text on the screen sometimes present different, complementing information, which makes it hard to follow unless you're a multitasking native speaker. (I'm aware that most media players these days have a pause button.)

I'll probably end up making a transcript and reading it at my leisure.
I made this a video because I felt planning is so visual that seeing it laid out like that would help. you can PM me and id be happy to send you the script (its a little scattered at this point, but itll save you a lot of time)

Originally Posted by SaintGeorge5 View Post
Very nice work
thank you

Originally Posted by Below Zero View Post
Very nice!
thank you as well
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