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Re: COTW: Planning And Default Line Creation

Originally Posted by Deppir View Post
Awesome video. Very well put together, thanks

Important concepts to really take in
thank you. glad i gave some food for thought =)

Originally Posted by SammyG-SD View Post
now I have something to do at work.
lol. thats why I like giving the stream-able version

Originally Posted by JHolsinger88 View Post
Very nice vid.

1 - Fwiw I am never folding AK in an unopened pot lol But I understand what you are getting at and you raise a lot of good points about situational awareness.

2 - I have slight issue with the sample villain having QQ there. No 3 bet pre from the btn, and no 3 bet on a J high flop. This is irrelevant but I didn't expect to see QQ

Great video man, a lot of good information. Nice to get a first hand viewing of how a top player thinks. Much appreciated.

1. fair enough. so long as you are thinking about positional awareness more i consider it mission accomplished

2. very standard for a TAG to flat QQ there, and also very standard for a TAG to treat the hand as SDV the whole way through. this is FR =P

Originally Posted by udbrky View Post
When I dl'd this, I got a popup that said "ABC Moneymaking system."

I didn't read it, but I assume it's an outline for the video.

Originally Posted by zocketpocket View Post
Great video. Can you go over your reasoning for not wanting to 4bet AK in a aggro game?
I personally don't mind getting into the 4b dynamic. But most players will get chewed by trying to get into the 4b from EP dyanmic with a hand like AK. The big issue is that the 4bet starts to turn your range face up and overall puts you on the bad side of the minimax game (you always lose the most when you are behind, and never win much when you are ahead). If you are going to 4b/fold then you could do so with your entire range, and then the balancing act gets very difficult. I'm not saying you should never fight, but I am saying that trying to get into a fighting dynamic is going to be insanely tough against good players.

Originally Posted by kasik047 View Post
this is just an example of why split is the man
well thank you

Originally Posted by illini43 View Post
Nice dude, I've watched 5 minutes and I'm blown away by the quality.
thanks. The vid took about 18hrs total (with scripting, recording, editing, etc). Glad the quality is appreciated =)
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