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View: Starcraft 2 is going to put a small dent in online poker

I think there are a ton of gamers that play online poker that are going to now split their time with Starcraft 2. I doubt there is any way to track the actual figures but I would think it could effect online poker atleast a few % over the next year. It is going to be one of the biggest computer games of all time and have a huge multiplayer following that plays on Lots of players that used to play Starcraft professionally are now professional poker players. I dont think that professional poker players will switch to being professional Starcraft 2 players (very few will), but I do expect many players in their free time to play Starcraft 2 when they would have been playing poker.

I play online poker professionally and I know that SC2 is going to end up costing me lots of money in wasted time, but I cant help myself - the game is too damn fun. The good news is most of the SC players are pretty good poker players so having them spend time playing SC2 rather than online poker is not a bad thing for the games.

Cliffs: I believe Starcraft 2 will have a noticeable effect on online poker numbers (1-5%)
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