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Originally Posted by venice10 View Post
Another COTW that needs a warning label. Have made note for the next two weeks the regulars will be checking top pair hands on flop after raising pf and will have people floating cbets more.
Yea the thing about polarizing your Cbet range is that it is a huge mistake vs almost anyone. Cbets are so common now that they really don't get too much respect generally and there is just so much value in merging there instead because you are getting floated so often by anything with SDV. Say you have JJ IP vs a reg who opens MP-LP that Cbets 80% and the flop comes down dry Axx, are you folding to a Cbet....probably not, most times you are just gonna peel because he should be Cbetting a ton of his range and you should expect to get to SD pretty easily unless he routinely barrels hard.
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