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Re: Whisky

Originally Posted by LetMeLive View Post
okay whisky lovers finish this sentence for me, if you please

if you recently discovered (and enjoyed) basil hayden, next you have to try ______
Elijah Craig 18 yr old Single Barrel ainec...this is the nuts for sipping Bourbon.

Pappy Van Winkle is also absolutely superlative and even better if you like a very mellow the style of a great Irish Whiskey
Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
pj, i could be wrong, I just assumed that it was similar to champagne in the naming thing once i knew there was a place actually called bourbon county
Not at all. Bourbon's come from all over Central Kentucky, most by far comes from Nelson County...Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, and Barton the little bitty Maker's Mark. When I say little I mean when I left in the late 90's Maker's was doing 40 barrels a day and HH and JB were each doing 600 per day!! But, they do make bourbon in Jefferson, Woodford, and several other counties to a much lesser extent.

One correction to the OP on Bourbon...while whiskey in Kentucky CAN have as much as 80% corn, you must label it Corn Whiskey if it has more than 75% corn. Similarly, if it has more than 15% rye it must be explicitly labeled RYE whiskey. Some purist think Makers should not be allowed to call itself bourbon because of the winter wheat, as some would say that Budweiser should not be called "Beer" because it has rice in it for some reason. (Or for that matter Busch beer because it contains corn).
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