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Re: Whisky

Originally Posted by PokerRon247 View Post
I never knew that. What is it that makes the bottle "off"? I always thought that the whisky itself couldn't go off as it is strong alcohol and is therefore unaffected by bacteria. Is it contamination at bottling?
the cask that is was aged in. or just **** quality control, because not all product produced is good enough to be sold.

watch this vid, the guy knows what he's talking about.

edit: fwiw i would more find it more probable this would happen with, as he said, an independant bottler, because the company size probably creates a situation where 1 or 2 people check quality and if they have an off day it could happen that one bottle slips through the net.

edit: if you liked his fix in 85, watch 86 it has an awesome winter scotch recipe that i'm dying to try one time if i have some whiskey to spare :P.

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