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Question on Caol Ila: I bought a bottle many moons ago as my first venture into Islay whisky. I was very excited and even had a friend come over to share the experience with me. It's very hard to describe the taste, but it was awful. Incredibly strong, almost like old seaweed smell, and tasted like gasoline. Mind you, I'm an experienced scotch drinker, and by no means afraid of strong ones, but this was out of control. I've since kept the bottle around and I think a friend of mine blacked out and finished it, finally, a couple months ago. I've made ~ 20 people try it, and those that can get past the smell can barely help to not spit it up.

So did I get a bad bottle? I mean, I've heard so many great things about the drink I can't imagine that I didn't. But how does a bottle of Scotch go bad? Assuming I got a bunk batch, how common is this?
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