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Re: Whisky

Caol Ila (pronounced cull-eela) is one of the lesser known Islay whiskies. The one slight problem with this whisky is that although it's distilled on Islay, the vast majority of the spirit is matured on the mainland. It's probably down to personal opinion, but some people think that the place the spirit is distilled is the major factor in determining the final product and others are more concerned with where it is matured. Personally, I think this is definitely an Islay whisky.

Pale straw in colour, Caol Ila is a pretty simple whisky, but imho a fantastic one. On the nose, it is very smokey, more like an ashy aroma, but also very fresh and clean. On the palate there is a slightly sweet taste with some salt, and that ash-like smoke continues. The finish is fairly long, smooth, smokey and salty, but still clean and light.

This is my favourite whisky. I'm a fan of complex and rich whiskies in general, but the simple, sharp and clean flavours of this particular dram just do something for me.
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