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Re: Whisky

as a follow up to my last post i'll post my thoughts on the whisky which i just tasted for the first time here.

the whisky is a little less dark then the usual blend i drink (famous grouse), but this single malt and the blend both contain E150a (caramel to color the whisky) this is not very useful.

then onto the nose, it's a very fresh vibrant scent, with a lot of fruitiness and citrusy like smell, maybe slightly peppery, not much smoke. as you let it sit longer it starts getting a little more woody / smoky taste.

taste: very nice, i taste some apple / pear, and as yu hold it in your mouth a few seconds maybe some honey, sweetness. also some citrus.

finish: the finish is once again the fruity sweet taste, but the wood comes through more.

general thoughts: i liked this whisky a lot, for someone not very into single malts it had a lot going on and was definitely a step up from normal blended whiskey's i drank before this.
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