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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
PokerRon collection: The Talisker, Obans, Caol Ila, Bowmore, and Jura Superstition you have are all excellent, and all in the broad flavor profile of smooth with mild to medium levels of peatiness. The Ardbeg 10 is very good peatier scotch, but a little harsh. I'd suggest you try adding a Lagavulin 16 to the mix for a very well-balanced, very peaty scotch. The Dalwhinnie is an excellent, smooth/clean/sweet scotch. I'd suggest trying Balvenie 12, Macallan 12, and Highland Park 12 for a few other variations of that general flavor profile. The Rowan's Creek is great. Definitely check out a couple more bourbons and a rye. Given your interest in flavors/tasting, I'd strongly recommend trying a lot more scotches and bourbons before putting any money into Japanese/English/Irish/American single malt/whatever.
Excellent collection you've got there.

From your reccommendations I've decided to add some more American whiskey to my collection. Went out today and bought a bottle of Makers Mark....

Will give it a go later and maybe try it alongside the Rowan's Creek to compare the two. I have pretty much zero experience of bourbon past that one bottle of Rowan's Creek, so will be interesting to see how the different brands match up to each other. Where would you suggest I go with my next purchase?
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