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Re: COTW: Configuring Our HUD Stats

Originally Posted by DDAWD View Post
Split, from your section on correlations...

"Say it folds to us OTB, we steal with T9s, and the BB 3B's us. If he is the 15/12/35/4, then he is doing so because he understands you are stealing, and is thus restealing. If the 15/12/16/4 3B's you, it is not as likely that he is restealing. He is 3B-ing because he feels his hand is strong enough to 3B you. So his range is going to be de-polarized, and the 15/12/35/4 is going be fairly polarized more often than not. This means you can approach them both differently in respect to your 4b/flat/fold game."

I don't understand why 15/12/35/4 3b is more polarized than the 15/12/16/4 3b. If the first guy is more likely to be restealing while the second is just playing his card strength, doesn't that mean the first guy has a wider range while the second guy is polarized to the top of his range?
polarized = tips of range. effectively, a nuts/bluff type range

a positionally aware player is usually going to flat a steal with things like JJ or KQ because they are ahead of the logical steal range they are facing, and hands that can play fairly easily. So his 3b range would look like the range in the picture, QQ+/AK/somecrap

The other guy just 3b's because he thinks his hand is strong. So he 3b's the top 4%, rather than a polarized 4%, things like JJ/KQ, etc. so his range is de-polarized (there are no "bluff" hands in this range...just "nuts" type)

same 3B%, different reasons
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