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Re: understanding relative hand strength (fairly long)

Originally Posted by c00ler View Post
i know and we're talking about relative hand strength on the turn vs. a fish right? if you were just merely stating one example and it happened to be turn action then thats fine.. maybe use a preflop example as well
the objective of the original post was to show you the way to work out how strong your hand is relative to your opponents range, via using logic and pokerstove+calculations.

there are plenty of preflop examples... why do u get KK in when btn 3bets your utg open but you fold TT? its because KK has good relative value vs his range (you think he gets in QQ and AK), whereas TT does not (you think all his value hands beat you).

using a preflop example, as u can see, wouldnt have been as informative because a lot of people would just take it as "whatever, i already knew that". whereas using this situation is a spot where a lot of people would happily get the 89 in and its wrong to do so.
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