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Re: understanding relative hand strength (fairly long)

One of my aha moments came very recently, and I think it's expressed in this topic.

I looked at someone suggesting folding AKo in the BB against an tight UTG raiser (9 handed, obv) and I was like omgwtfbbq!!

Then I realized that if your going to put money in the pot, you gotta be sure that you are doing good against your opponents range. Not only that but you have got to have a plan to get the most money out of the opponent's range. There are several spots I've been in, where I seem get too attached to hands because I don't want to lay down this or that when in relation to the opponent's range I'm not strong at all. Sounds obvious, and LDO, but it's why a pair of tens can often be the effective nuts and why a full house can be a bluff catcher.

I guess I'm rambling here and I haven't really expressed what I wanted to say, but I'm tired so...
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