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Re: COTW: Becoming A LAG

Originally Posted by PokerRon247 View Post
Excellent post as always Split.

This is absolute gold. Putting yourself in your opponents shoes is a fantastic way of improving your game. Think about the spots you hate being in yourself, and put your opponents in those spots instead.
thank you sir =)

Originally Posted by BigOlPapaBear View Post
Great post. Love the positional "heat map" - I look at villains' positional stats to try and gauge what level they're thinking at eg a 16/12 who's got no positional bias vs one who's 6/6 EP, 14/11 MP & 28/26 LP. Same overall VPIP/PFR but completely different villains.
thanx...i thought the heat map might help the visualization a lil bit

Originally Posted by kb coolman View Post
Fantastic COTW, Split. Maybe the best one yet.
thank you

Originally Posted by Dude-Bun View Post
Great read!

Def. a few things to think about. I actually sat down with u split the other day at 50nl (prob 2-3 weeks ago or so) and I was real excited cause I've recognized your sn/avatar from the 25nl lag video but u finished ur session like 10-15mins after I sat down so I was a lil bummed but I hope I'll still get a chance to play u in the future

What's your regular game nowadays?
thanks. actually saw u during that session as well and expected you to eff with me a lil bit (though sadly, you did not). I play 50NL when I play online. Ive done my 500K+ hands at 100NL+...but got to the point where I realized that I hate $1K they make me very angry IRL. I realized that as a pro protecting your metal is 90% of the I have no $1K swings ever at 50NL, make a solid hourly, and don't get angry all that much. works for me =)

Originally Posted by angry_man View Post
Is LAG *really* the most profitable style? In a BB/100 sense, OK, I can easily see that, but $/hr? Unless you're comfortably multitabling at the site cap already, then getting involved in more hands and facing tougher spots is going to reduce the number of tables you're playing.

Sort of related (but also a standalone point) - it seems like many people want to be LAG without much of a reason beyond bragging rights and a vague notion that the best players are LAGs. Well, maybe they are, but it doesn't automatically follow that it will be the optimal style for you as an individual (as mentioned in OP). I think some people would be well served putting some thought into the *why?* before they start worrying about the *how?*.
it is the most profitable style in a PTbb/100 way, yes. as far as "best hourly"...maybe/maybe-not...I do this style playing 9 tables. I found that 12 tables didnt work well for me as I need the extra time to think and really check spots. The most important thing about LAG, imo, is that it forces growth. there is minimal growth as a player imo as a TAG, and almost none as a nit...this style forces you to think

of course you should think about the "why"...I think I've made that my grand thesis in almost every post I've ever made, and anyone who has ever talked to me for more than 30 seconds will vouch for me on this...but everything revolves around the "why"

Originally Posted by jessyj View Post
No offense Split, I liked your post .
None taken. omgomgomg a girl liked my post!!! (unless this is Chargers posting under this accnt, which, I will take a guess and say it is not)

Originally Posted by isacivic View Post
I watched your video a few weeks back, you're such a donk! Showed it to some friends, ruined their game.

Reading this along with everything said in the video has improved my TAG game IMMENSELY. My red/blue line no longer looks like a crocodile, and the red is almost positive when I'm playing at looser tables. I tried playing tight tables as a LAG and won a few sessions but lost a few from not adjusting to 3bettors. Last few sessions I've won over 2/3rds of my money from the button/CO. Limpers are my new favorite thing, as are TAGfish. I love it when a TAG limps...especially one that always calls my 7BB raises.

edit: Also, post your redline! I want to see what happens when I master this.

edit2: I've never considered trying to LAG during daytime hours - aren't most TAGs table selecting by %SF? Thusly, wouldn't the fishiest tags/HUDbots be at these tables? I can't imagine 10NLers+ not table selecting JUST A BIT.
glad my vid helped you out...sorry about your friends though, lol

I may post my redline at some point. though its all over the place from a failed experiment at running 12/10

I think most TAGs are just looking to get on a lot of tables and try to cooler eachother. and lots of time they will get on a table with 20% players/flop...and never check the table 15 minutes later when it drops down to 7% players/flop

Originally Posted by King Spew View Post
Finally!!!! A CotW that will help my bottomline......and maybe not the way you think.
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