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Re: COTW: Becoming A LAG

I watched your video a few weeks back, you're such a donk! Showed it to some friends, ruined their game.

Reading this along with everything said in the video has improved my TAG game IMMENSELY. My red/blue line no longer looks like a crocodile, and the red is almost positive when I'm playing at looser tables. I tried playing tight tables as a LAG and won a few sessions but lost a few from not adjusting to 3bettors. Last few sessions I've won over 2/3rds of my money from the button/CO. Limpers are my new favorite thing, as are TAGfish. I love it when a TAG limps...especially one that always calls my 7BB raises.

Playing HU improved my post-flop game a lot too, as did learning player types and watching people. I feel learning to profitably play HU is the biggest turning point in my LAG career.

edit: Also, post your redline! I want to see what happens when I master this.

edit2: I've never considered trying to LAG during daytime hours - aren't most TAGs table selecting by %SF? Thusly, wouldn't the fishiest tags/HUDbots be at these tables? I can't imagine 10NLers+ not table selecting JUST A BIT.

Originally Posted by angry_man View Post
Is LAG *really* the most profitable style? In a BB/100 sense, OK, I can easily see that, but $/hr? Unless you're comfortably multitabling at the site cap already, then getting involved in more hands and facing tougher spots is going to reduce the number of tables you're playing.

Sort of related (but also a standalone point) - it seems like many people want to be LAG without much of a reason beyond bragging rights and a vague notion that the best players are LAGs. Well, maybe they are, but it doesn't automatically follow that it will be the optimal style for you as an individual (as mentioned in OP). I think some people would be well served putting some thought into the *why?* before they start worrying about the *how?*.
Theoretically, if you play more hands, you'll win more pots, and win more money. The biggest advantage you can have against another player in winning a pot isn't necessarily your hand, but position. Who says LAGs have to stop playing good hands that would win money as a TAG? If people pay attention to table image, they'll respect your raises less, and you'll get paid off better on your real hands, too. I guess you can argue you'd be playing less tables as a LAG because it requires so much more thinking. I believe split claimed he can profitably LAG 6-8? tables, but he's had students who could multi table much more fluently.

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