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Re: NL10 to NL200 experiment - finding a way to beat each limit

Originally Posted by jackwilcox View Post
flagging regs is ok, but not all regs are the same. some regs are absolutely terrible, but play 10+ tables and make a tiny bit of money just through rakeback, and the fact theres a lot of fish.

similarly, some regs are and maybe play only 4 tables, but are looking to analyse their play all the time so they can get better and move up. these are the sort of players you want to avoid because they are going to be tough to play against.
When you mentioned this, I read it a few times and realized that i turned into the top guy. I was opening as many weak tables as possible and just playing ABC/robot poker. My win rate suffered as a result.

I'm currently on break and going to jump back in as the guy in 2nd paragraph, and hopefully get my winrate back up.
Looking forward to seeing some videos if/when you can get them up.
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