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Re: NL10 to NL200 experiment - finding a way to beat each limit

Hi mate

Two questions which I don't think have been asked before, I've had a good old browse through the pages. (2nd one may have but 1st definitely hasn't)

1 - Whats your PC set up when your playing? Desktop with monitor? 22" or bigger or what? I find that 22" is a good size for 4 tabling but not many more really unless your overlapping.

2 - What would you state as a good buy in guide for cash? Saw your bankroll in one of your vids was about 28 x the buyin u were playing and I guess thats about right?

Would you start moving up levels when you consistently beat the level your at and/or your bankrolled for the next level, or do you prefer to take shots after a big score, I've heard players do that before.

And said billion times before, great thread.
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