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Re: NL10 to NL200 experiment - finding a way to beat each limit

Originally Posted by VanIsleRyan View Post
Hey Jack, after reading your post last night, I went and flagged as many regs as I could at my current level of 10NL, I just started this level and will probably be here for a while, so I figured it would be worth it. After I did I started a thread talking about what I did and asked if anyone else had is the link to it.

I dont know if I worded it wrong or what, but seemed to be getting mixed reactions.
Check it out and please tell me what you think.

Thanks Ryan
flagging regs is ok, but not all regs are the same. some regs are absolutely terrible, but play 10+ tables and make a tiny bit of money just through rakeback, and the fact theres a lot of fish. they play crazy tight, but just turn their hands face up every single time (e.g. cbet 85% of flops, but then check the turn every time they dont have top pair or better). these sort of regs you want to play against, because they have in effect 'unlimited bankrolls'. i.e. if u stack them, they will always reload. and if u spend any time making notes on them, you will realise they play super robotic.

similarly, some regs are and maybe play only 4 tables, but are looking to analyse their play all the time so they can get better and move up. these are the sort of players you want to avoid because they are going to be tough to play against.

i categorise players who strike me in 1 of 4 ways (im not saying its right - no one told me to do it, i just thought it would help me game select): super fish (65/11 stats or whatever), super nits (10+ tables), good regs (who i want to avoid, and if i do play i want on my right), bad/ spewy regs (some regs want to try and be like krantz/ durrrr and just 4bet you every time u 3bet - super profitable)
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