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Re: NL10 to NL200 experiment - finding a way to beat each limit

paying the bb is ridiculously negative EV. always start playing when u have to post (i.e wait for bb) and always leave on the hand when its your turn to post the bb.

blinds are something everyone has to pay. going back to the business example, its like the equivalent of paying tax. and u wouldnt pay tax if u dont have to would u?!

if the lobby allows u to, then sort by players to flop%. try and look at the players on the list. look for players who aren't full stacked. regulars have auto-reload on, or manually top up when they drop below the max buyin. fish generally dont, they only reload if they go busto.

so at a 25nl table for example... a table with stacks of $15.40, $22.74, $11.20 etc... is probably going to be a lot weaker than one looking like $26.55, $25, $32.70

once u do decide to sit, make sure you gather an idea in the 1st few hands who the weaker players seem to be - look for signs of limping in, cold-calling 3bets, cold-calling raises out of position (e.g MP raises, SB calls - SB is likely a little weak).

you can always leave if no one seems to be that fishy - sometimes the lobby takes a while to sync all the table stats
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