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Re: Illegal and Legal Ghosting

Originally Posted by mhcmarty View Post
Why wouldn't the sites only allow 1 IP address per tourney. I should be able to play from multiple IP's as I move from home to work to anothers house.
I was only talking about multiple users in house using an IP address for same tourney. If you logged off/logged in with another IP the rule would still be intact, unless someone at your work or this other's house is in that tourney.

As for the players that might use this excuse when investigated, it's easy to pinpoint their location given their IP,and not many of these top tourney people will live near the lucky person who got deep.

I guess Chris Vaughn tried that with full tilt and realized that lie didn't work, on to the next one.
CV: No, no no, what initially happened was I guess everyone in the half the field in the tournament had gotten disconnected at some point. I had started to lag, I guess is what they call it, a little bit. Which means, I wasn't timing out, but I was freezing a little bit, and I work like five minutes, literally from where I live. And so I was considering driving down to work. I'm more comfortable playing there, I play at work a lot most of the time, on Sundays, and I was considering playing there and , he [Sorel] was one of the people that I would trust to play while I did it. And, you know we were on instant messenger and I sent him a message and, it pretty quickly led to a discussion about selling the account rather than just letting him play for a few minutes. The reason I sold the account had nothing to do with my connection. The reason I initially contacted him probably more so had to do with connection, but selling the account was completely a financial decision and was in no way anything else.
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