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Re: *~* Quick Checkup Thread - PLO flavour *~*

Originally Posted by 2+2=5 View Post
cowl? villian seems decent.

Poker Stars $200+$15 Pot Limit Omaha Hi Tournament - t20/t40 Blinds - 6 players
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BTN: t5040 M = 84
SB: t6715 M = 111.92
BB: t1690 M = 28.17
Hero (UTG): t9450 M = 157.50
MP: t7170 M = 119.50
CO: t5365 M = 89.42

Pre Flop: (t60) Hero is UTG with A 7 5 T
Hero calls t40, MP calls t40, 1 fold, BTN calls t40, 1 fold, BB checks

Flop: (t180) 7 3 4 (4 players)
BB checks, Hero bets t125, MP calls t125, BTN folds, BB folds

Turn: (t430) A (2 players)
Hero bets t300, MP calls t300

River: (t1030) 9 (2 players)
Hero checks, MP bets t545, Hero
Your getting pretty good odds and you'll get a good read & table image, whatever he shows up with. I call, but he has xx52 here most of the time.

If he has a set or top-two, well, it's time to start check-raising rivers imo.
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