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Re: *~* Quick Checkup Thread - PLO flavour *~*

Originally Posted by Doorbread View Post
^^Wat? If you don't wanna raise the flop with this hand I seriously doubt you're calling so you can do some fancy float turn shove semi-bluff and think that in game you'd be much more likely to just flat and hope. This is a 3-bet pot and you gain a lot from getting him to fold ax 67 etc etc and even if he doesn't fold we're generally still fist pumping. To give you some perspective, we're less than a 3;2 dog if he has top set and the nut flush draw.
Yeah, raising is fine, particularly if this opponent 3-bets wide, I'm just saying that when he does call a big raise we're probably going to be behind his range, mainly because although we have a huge draw, we don't have that many nut outs. Easy shove OOP, but playing in position there's a TON of value to be had by possibly winning a $70+ bet on the turn or river, say when we make a straight and he calls with top set, putting us on whiffed spades, rather than just his $12 c-bet + the $8 or so of the main pot that's his.
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