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Re: NL10 to NL200 experiment - finding a way to beat each limit

okay so no-limit books are not that useful after all?

But about that 25NL part1 video, it was at around 50mins, it was the bottom left table and it was 5-handed when you raised KQo UTG. 37/0/1.5 player called on the button (he had a full stack). The flop came T-Q-T rainbow, you made about a potsized cbet and he called. You both checked the Ace turn, and then you check-folded on a 3 river when he bet a little less than half the pot.

You said he called the flop bet quickly indicating a likely weak hand, then on the turn when the ace came you were splitting if he had hit the queen too and you didn't think he'd call another bet with 6-6, 7-7 type hands so you didn't bet. But why the fold when the river card changed nothing and the opponent's hand doesn't look like anything special either? You didn't explain in the video why you folded there, so what was your thought-process?

From the opponent's point of view (though he may have been thinking about his own hand strength only, he didn't seem a particularly good player), it looks like you cbet a missed hand and didn't hit that ace either since you didn't bet the turn or the river. Although at the same time there was a big pot at the other table where you and another opponent hit big hands and you lost, maybe that distracted you a little bit in this hand?
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