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Re: Magic: The gathering Online

Originally Posted by Anssi A View Post
Nip Gwyllion is awful.-> Chittering Rats is good. You don't need all that life gain, cut soul wardens. Add Gravediggers or 4B 3/3 Goblin Gravedigger from lorwyn.

Last Gasp -> Ichor Slick (so many options, just play it, or cycle it or Cycle+Madness).

Why duress? It's ok, but there is no real need for it at pauper as some decks play no non-creatures. It's good sideb. card though. Castigate is probably better maindeck.

I'd love to play blue for Mulldrifters, it would be so sick in that deck.
With the changes you should play 1 or 2 lands more, easy 4 Basilica.
Phyrexian Rager would be good too.
Ok here is revision with your suggestions:

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