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Re: NL10 to NL200 experiment - finding a way to beat each limit

Originally Posted by danielk3066 View Post
the above poster it interesting what u say about c-betting , i also found tables where i was c-betting the most i was making more money but ive also looked into mixing it up a bit. their are some boards that are so wet or in yr vilians range yr c-bet will get called.
funny / interesting thing happened the other day i was c-betting like 80% of the time to this guys checks and he was folding , but then next hand he check raised me with nothing and shown it , in the chat he said something like my HUD shows u r c-betting 80% stop it!! lol , im not sure why he told me this beacuse after that every time he checked and i had a draw i checked behind him , every time i hit the board hard i would bet and he would check raise me , so i won even more off him, if he had nt of told me what he did im sure he would of won money of me.
lol, i cant believe he told u this and then still check raises you with air!
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