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Re: NL10 to NL200 experiment - finding a way to beat each limit

Originally Posted by quirkasaurus View Post
fwiw -- when i first read the hand i said to myself "oh, he's repping 56s
and he hit the straight on the river..."

Then, of course, the pre-flop action made no sense.

So, in this case - - - maybe the dude was multi-tabling and forgot the
pre-flop action ( as i did... )
the above hand i dont know wtf , the all in on the river seems stupid what on earth are you representing with a pre flop raise if he has anything more than one pair hes going to call and own you .

Yea these tripple barrels are risky, i guess when i 3 bet and get called im just trying to push u off your 10 10 jj or whatever 1 pair hand your hangn on to. Im using the power of my preflop play. Im saying I got that huge pair and im gonna milk you and shove the riva. I'm not sure half pot c bet then half your stack on turn isnt better tho. At the time i just liked having tht huge bet on the river to get folds without people getting too commited.

lol, of course im getting snaped off with 2 pair plus, but thats hard to hit in a 3bet or 4 bet pot

I have toned down the 3 betting and therefore the 3 bet triple or double barreling alot as I dont think its necessary at nl25. Im back to running like god recently, playing standard 4x open, near pot cbet, and double barrl nits and suspected floaters poker

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