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Re: Pitbull Poker potential cheating scandal

At some point this thread will have to be controlled. There is an insider that used to work for this company and everyone seems to be ignoring him.

As much as I like watching these developments, this is a crucial time and everyone is showing pitbull their hand at the moment. Some of this stuff unfortunately needs to be done behind the scenes. This is why the U.S. cut all media and most communications before invading Iraq. Guys they are clearly watching every move here, and are watching the battle plan unfold in real time.

Not sure what the solution is, chesterfield you have done a great job in putting the work necessary in this. IMO this now needs a leader and a direction, if you want to do this(as you have been) you are taking on a pretty big task. If not, maybe there is another qualified volunteer?

Again, try not to show your hand but at the same time keep 2+2 involved. Good job so far
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