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Re: Pitbull Poker potential cheating scandal

No one caught my hint above lol...

Dave Brenes and Jeremy Brenes are probably the same person. Jeremy Brenes is the former Licensee Manager of APG Enterprises Ltd of Costa Rica. Looks like he is making a career out of representing shady firms. Dave has sad he worked for Action poker before, which is an APG company. When you spend too much time lying you get your lies mixed up I guess. He had a little slip of the tongue(finger) in some correspondence sent to me and gave it away lol.

In the 2nd to last paragraph Brenes is mentioned.

It is interesting to note that Playsafe Holdings, which purchased tons of online poker assets such as the action network from Las Vegas from Home, has the same mail drop in the BVI that one of the shareholders of Dimensus used.

It could be a coincidence. A lot of businesses use this address I think. But who knows. These shell businesses do their jobs well and really confuse things.
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