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Re: Slow Eurolinx withdrawals?

Josh: Hello. How may I assist you?
you: 2009-07-01 22:48:43 withdrawal pending $xxxxx Withdrawal via Moneybookers
you: I wonder how long do these usually take?
you: I initiated it yesterday and nothing seems to be changing
Josh: Kindly hold on for a moment. Thank you.
Josh: They are normally processed within three days.
Josh: Kindly note though that there are some delays in processing at the moment, due to tightened security checks on withdrawals.
you: so how much time should it take with the delays?
Josh: I am afraid I do not have a strict time frame to provide you with. Your withdrawal will be processed as soon as possible.
you: well OK but approximate ballpark?
Josh: I am sorry, but the strictest 'estimate' I have is that it will be processed as soon as possible.
you: ok thank you

Doesn't sound very promising.
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