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Re: Slow Eurolinx withdrawals?

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Nathalie'
Nathalie: Hello. How may I assist you?
you: 1 month still no money
you: 1 month
you: to neteller
you: whats up
you: this is sick
Nathalie: I am sorry about the delay
Nathalie: I am going to send a reminder to the payments office right away
you: again ?!
you: must be the 10th time
you: why cant y just be honest ?!, whats the problems ?!
you: are the site going down ?!
Nathalie: This is the only thing I can do as I am not the one who processes the withdrawals
Nathalie: It is not going down
Nathalie: In fact we are expanding and hiring new people

you: ok, well its big big thread on 2+2, biggest pokerforum , and thats not good promo for u right now
Nathalie: I am only a support agent
you: yeah, i know its not your fault
you: but i guess thats alot of more ppl complaining to you about that
Nathalie: I will include your feedback on the issue in my email to the payments office
you: whats the bosses do ?!
you: dont they care ?!
Nathalie: They sure care
you: well, tell them to respond in the 2+2 thread then, alot of ppl are worried about their money
you: cant be to mush to asked
Nathalie: I will but I cannot promise they will
you: guess they wont, but really, if there wasnt a big problem going on, they would have done that
you: all this non respond, and " security reason to not pay money" doesnt look serious
Nathalie: Maybe they would have done it already if the site was really going down and stuff
Nathalie: So they explain to players
you: well wasnt so long ago another 27 microgaming sites closed down
Nathalie: But we are really expanding
Nathalie: I am new employee for instance
Nathalie: Why would they hire me if they were going bankrupt?
you: ok, im not angry at you, but i just gonna say one last thing that u can tell you boss
you: Theres no idea to expanding, if u dont have any players playing on u site.
you: and there will be none players, if u have to wait 2 months for u winnings
Nathalie: I understand very well that
you: looks like u boss dosnt
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