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Re: Concept of the Week #21: Shortstacks: The Path To Exploitation

Originally Posted by kinghyrule View Post
Thanks for pointing out "All In Expert" it's really great software.

I'm assuming most Short Stacker's that are in the 5/4 stat range use a chart like this:
EDIT: google "pokerstrategy short stack strategy handout"

So their 3-Bet range should be JJ+ and AK.

And so what I've learned via the various software that when you open to $0.75 or $1 and they push all-in you need 40%-42.5% equity. But vs their range AKo is about 39% and AKs is about 43%.

Should we be really folding AKo vs Short Stacker 3-Bet's?

Should we be really taking a 1%-3% edge with AKs?
(Maybe somebody could direct me to a past thread about should we take very small edges discussion.)

so we have a 3%ROI with AKo, and 11%ROI with AKs. def a call

Also, the second you can add in ANY amount of variation (even a sneeze of AQ), this is an even snappier call. thin edges maybe thin, but its still +EV
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