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Re: Slow Eurolinx withdrawals?

Ok im Fed up with this.

So far thats the only forum I have taken this to, but yesterdays and then todays conversation make me so angry that i can barely describe it.

Yesterday i basically tried to get to talk to someone from the finance team.
That did not work so i asked them when someone would be available.
Ive been told a certain time (12.00-13.0 CET)
So i was on at 12.10 and they told me this:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Kelly'
Kelly: Hello. How may I assist you?
you: hi, i talked to one of you yesterday regarding my cashout (for the 7th time)
you: and he told me i could talk to someone from the finance team today
you: i told him id be here betwen 12.00 and 12.30
Kelly: I see, yes I can see you have been waiting long for your withdraw made on the 11th May.
Kelly: I will check.
Kelly: Kindly hold on for a moment. Thank you.
you: aeh
you: 14th of april
you: i dont even have the money from them
you: then
Kelly: I see.
Kelly: OK.
Kelly: Kindly hold on for a moment. Thank you.
you: sure
you: this is my last try, i also wrote a mail that ill take this into every single internet pokerforum i know if this doesnt work out
you: i feel like im kept for an idiot
Kelly: I am very sorry that you have experience the delay from us and it is really not our intention to keep our players waiting.
you: heard it 6 times
Kelly: We want to keep all players happy.
you: id like to talk to someone from the finance team or to the manager pls, yesterday i was told someone would be here
Kelly: Unfortunately I do not have more information and I have to wait for a response from the Finance Team.
you: yeah they should know that i want to talk to them, i was assured someone would be here know
you: i took an hour off from work for this
Kelly: Yes the relevant personnel are aware of your withdraw and we are aware of how our players feel.
Kelly: We will be paying you and we are going to pay you, that is no doubt.
you: may i please talk to them like i have been promised yesterday?
Kelly: True it has been taken longer and much longer than we have expected, but unfortunately my supervisor is not here at the moment. I am in the support.
you: are you kidding? i asked yesterday for a specific time when someone would be available
you: ive been told this time
you: i take off time from work
you: and now you tell me noone is here?
Kelly: There has been a change in the schedule. I am sorry, but there is no one I can refer you to at the moment.
you: i am coach at the biggest german pokersite and im known on 2+2 and most other big forums, im sorry that I have to take these steps but I have to make this public
you: Ill post the logs of this and one other conversation I had
you: and also send a copy to your support adress
you: with the links of the forum threads
you: then someone of your team can Make a response in the threads
you: Maybe that will speed up things
you: as soon as im paid ill clarify things
Kelly: Yes we are aware of the consequences and I will remind them about it too.
you: ok
you: Ill save the log of this conversation
Kelly: Yes, I understand.
you: thx and good bye
Kelly: You're most welcome!
Kelly: Good bye.

Basically Ill do what I planned to do.

Go to all the other forums and make it public...
April 14th till now is over 7 weeks....
Neither has my neteller withdrawal from May 11th arrived.
Were talking about cashouts of a couple K each


PS: Louis how big was your withdrawal?
Have you been payed?
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