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Re: Slow Eurolinx withdrawals?

for me its 7 weeks now and its not my first wire withdrawal

here is the log from todays conversation:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Kelly'
Kelly: Hello. How may I assist you?
you: hi
you: since its the 6th time ive contacted you and nothing has happened till now regarding my cashouts i just wanted to tell you that I will carry this into the poker forums if i dont get my cashouts till the end of this week
you: ill also tell my poker friends who play here what has happened to me
you: im sorry i have to go this way, but after almost 7 weeks
you: i dont see any other way
Kelly: Kindly hold on for a moment. Thank you.
Kelly: Let me check your account.
you: yeah do that, i think i already talked to you about 3 weeks ago
Kelly: As far as I know we have been paying players normally, so in your case I am really sorry that they have not paid you on time.
you: i know there is a general delay from other players
you: on 2+2 forums its already discussed
you: and ive been told almost everything here in chat already
you: to be honest i dont even care about what is told here, i will basically copy this text and also write and email to your support and paste the text
Kelly: Yes I am sure you have been through quite a lot these fast weeks
you: and if nothing happens till the end of this week im done with this site and I will make public what has happened to me here
Kelly: I am really sorry for this delay.
you: my bank had closed my credit card cause my account is in debt for 3500 dollars
Kelly: I totally understand your feeling and I will try my best to help you.
you: like the others before
Kelly: I will pass on your feedback and really hope something can be arranged for you soon.
you: hopefully
you: i hope its ok to copy the text and wirte it to all of your official mailadresses
Kelly: Yes you may send us emails and giving us your feedback.
you: its regarding my 2 cashouts from april 14th and may 11th (today its may 28th)
Kelly: We know it is not a pleasant feeling for being kept waiting. I know all our management are aware of our current situation.
you: do you have liquidity issues?
Kelly: No we don't, but unfortunately its the system of the banks in here.
Kelly: We have been expanding and hiring new employees, so I don't think your worries is what is happening to the company.
you: ok
you: i will copy this text
you: send it as a copy to the support
you: and by monday i will start diskussing this in the forums
you: unless my money arrives
Kelly: You may do so, but we all have copies of all the chats we have with players recorded in the system.
you: okay
Kelly: I do hope your transaction will be sorted as soon as possible.
you: but if i contact the support via email it doesnt mean they look into all the chats i think
you: so pasting is the best way i guess so i also dont need to explain myself again
Kelly: Alright, as you like.
you: ok thats basically it
Kelly: We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
you: you should take care of your players cause i really like your site basically
you: but if you want people who play for a living on your site
you: you need to pay them regularly
you: or they wont stay for long
Kelly: Thank you for your compliment. Yes we are aware of that too, we really don't want to loose good players like you.
you: thx for your help
Kelly: You're most welcome!
you: i dont even say im good but i probably payed over 10000 dollars in rake on your site
you: have a nice day
Kelly: Thank you. Same to you too.

Hope something will happen soon...
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